In order to make it simple to get up and running with no programming required, we've created a drag-and-drop firmware you can use. If you're just getting started with your NeoTrellis M4, there is lots more info here in the main Learn Guide!

This program will replace CircuitPython, to get back to your CircuitPython projects, reinstall it by following


First, download the firmware file linked in the button below and save it to your computer hard drive somewhere you'll be able to find it, such as your Downloads folder.

Install Firmware

Plug your NeoTrellis M4 into your computer with a good quality, data capable USB cable. Your NeoTrellis will start up, and you'll see a purple indicator light on the back side.

Now, we'll put the NeoTrellis into bootloader mode. In this mode it will appear as a USB drive on your computer and will be ready to receive a new .uf2 firmware file. Use a thin, pointed object such as a headphone plug to double-click the reset button on the back side of the board.



Once you have double-clicked the reset button, the indicator LED will turn green. You'll notice a new USB drive appear on your computer named TRELM4BOOT, this is the bootloader USB storage built right into the NeoTrellis. It is now ready to receive the firmware file.

Drag & Drop

Now, drag the TM4ARPY.UF2 file onto the TRELM4BOOT drive. The file will copy over in a few seconds and then the NeoTrellis will automatically restart itself (you'll see the TRELM4BOOT drive disappear, don't worry, this is normal!). The status LED will return to purple, indicating regular operation mode.

If you ever need to manually switch out of bootloader mode, simply press the reset button one time.

Congratulations, you've updated the firmware and you're ready to play!

This guide was first published on Nov 19, 2018. It was last updated on Nov 19, 2018.

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