With all of the weather API's and display options, it can be overwhelming to decide which approach to take when building a weather display. This project takes the less is more, or smol is more, approach.

You can use the tiny yet mighty 5x5 NeoPixel Grid BFF add-on board with a QT Py ESP32-S2 to display the current weather conditions and temperature. The CircuitPython code is using the Open-Meteo API to fetch current weather data. Open-Meteo is a free and open-source weather API that does not require an API key, making it fast to get started with.

The current weather condition is shown with a 5x5 sprite on the NeoPixel Grid. There are sprites for sunny, partly cloudy, clouds, rain, thunderstorms and snow with day and night versions for each.

The current temperature scrolls across the display after showing the sprite. The color of the text changes depending on the temperature. Lower temperatures are represented with cooler colors (green, blue and purple) and higher temperatures are represented with warmer colors (yellow, orange and red).

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