The diagram below provides a visual reference for wiring of the components. This diagram was created using the software package Fritzing.

Use Adafruit's Fritzing parts library to create circuit diagrams for your projects. Download the library or just grab individual parts. Get the library and parts from GitHub - Adafruit Fritzing Parts.

Wired Connections

The Raspberry Pi Pico is powered by a USB power adapter.  

NeoPixel Ring

The lamp is illuminated by a 60 NeoPixel ring, two 24 NeoPixel rings and one 16 NeoPixel Ring. The 60 pixel ring consists of four 15 pixel quarter strips.

  • V+ from NeoPixel Ring to VBUS on Pico
  • G from NeoPixel Ring to GND on Pico
  • IN from NeoPixel Ring to GP1 on Pico

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