Assemble 60 NeoPixel Ring


The 60 NeoPixel ring is four quarter sized PCB’s that are soldered together by sliding solder from one pad to another.

The pico blade molex cables are soldered to the input and out pins on the back of the NeoPixel rings.

Fit rings into frame


Carefully bend wires behind the ring.

Keep the wires tucked inside the frame and away from the walls to allow the diffuser to press fit into the frame.

Connect cables

The rings are oriented so the cables can be easily connected together.

The wiring is pressed in between the edges to keep the PCB tightly fitted into the holder.

They’re daisy chained with the data flowing from the large ring at the bottom to the smallest ring at the top.

Mount Pico

The Raspberry Pi Pico is press fitted into the 3d printed case with the pcb facing the opening for the usb port.

Attach lid to frame

To secure the case to the ring assembly, use one M2.5 machine screw to attach the lid cover to the bottom of the ring holder.

The remaining cables are threaded through the top cover and connected together.

Fit base

An additional base is fitted under the 3d printed case for added stability.

The Raspberry Pi Pico can be powered by a 5V USB power supply using a USB battery bank or the wall outlet.


A USB extension cable with a built-in switch can be used to make it easier to power on and off.


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