Design & Illustration

You can use our hair dress template or create your own in photoshop, illustrator or any other vector drawling application that can export SVG files. Our hair dress template is 144mm x 195mm. The bottom comb is large enough to rest inside of a hair bun with a little support from a hair clip. The center of the artwork was designed so that a NeoPixel ring can shine through the hair dress. Your hair dress can be designed to fit individual NeoPixels, or even NeoPixel Strips+Sticks!

The illustration inside of the hair dress should be manifold and not have any stray pieces. If your artwork is complex with multiple objects, you should merge them together to create one unified vector path. Your artwork will need to be exported in the SVG file format.

Stuck on the creative stuff? You can get some great inspiration and actual vector files on sites like and The design should complement your event or character for a great cosplay!


We used tinkercad to turn the SVG into a 3D model that can be printed because its super easy to import vector art and extrude it in 3D. You can import SVG files in tinker by selecting the import drop down menu in the right side and choosing your file by either upload or URL. Drag and use the handles along side the object to resize the hair dress. Use the middle handle point to resize the thickness of the object. The height of the haird ress should be extruded to a minimum of 1mm thick.

When your design is finalized, you will want to flip the design up-side-down so that the artwork is printed facing the heated build plate. The side that gets printed on the heated surface creates an almost seamless texture that makes for a great quality print.

For extra awesome, import separate SVG artwork to create depth and accessories to the hair dress for an epic design! To get familiar with tinkercad's UI, check out their tutorial videos on their youtube channel. It's an easy and powerful CAD web app!

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