This diagram uses the original Gemma but you can also use the Gemma M0 with the exact same wiring!
The slide switch needs to be connected to the lithium polymer battery so that the circuit can easily be powered on and off. To do this, first cut the RED wire connect of the lithium polymer battery. Now you will need to solder and connect one end of the red wire to the middle and left (or right) pin of the slide switch. See our circuit diagram to get a better visual idea. Please be very careful when you do this! Try hard not to pull out the wires from the battery and never let the red and black wires touch!
We added one extra NeoPixel in the center of the circuit to complement the design of our hair dress. The pins on the NeoPixel get wired to the back of the Gemma. The Data Out pin on the NeoPixel ring will need to be connected to the Data In pin of the single NeoPixel. The Ground pin of the NeoPixel ring connects to the ground pin of the Gemma, while the Ground pin of the single NeoPixel connects to the ground of the NeoPixel Ring.
When your circuit is working and tested, you will need to solder the components together. We used 22 gauge wire and measured the lengths needed for each pin and cut them into the appropriate pieces. We used a handy vise tool to keep the Gemma and NeoPixel ring together and tightened the arms so they don't slip while soldering.
With all the components soldered, the Gemma should have enough support from the wires to hold itself inside of the NeoPixel ring. The Gemma and NeoPixel Ring make a nice independent circuit that can be used for other awesome projects like the Gemma Hoop Earrings.

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