We picked up a pack of fake diamonds and perls from our local crafty arts supply store for under $3 bucks, but you are more than welcome to use any glitter, stickers, stones what-have-you on your hair dress. If you want to paint the hair dress, be sure to use acrylic based paints thats sure to stick.
We placed diamonds along side the edges and in between the spots of the circuit cut outs. The pearls were sparingly applied to each side to fill in the gaps of the design. Your design can have as many stones as you like, just remember to super glue them on!
To create a slight curvature to the hair dress, we gently bent the plastic. Since it's 1mm thick and printed in ABS, it's flexible and durable enough not to snap. We used our handy vise gripper and held it bent over night. This creates a slight curve that makes the hair dress more comfortable when wearing. We found this to be a better alternative to using a heat gun because the ABS material tends to curl and cause warping.

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