The Gemma and NeoPixel ring circuit fits nicely inside of the transparent PLA case with the NeoPixels facing down. The NeoPixel ring will become softened and diffused when it shines through the PLA material. Connect the rechargeable lithium polymer battery to the gemma. Now slide the power switch into the case lid so that the switch sticks out. The Power switch will need to be super glued to the lid so that it securely stays in place when it is turned on and off. Allow to the glue to dry for a few minutes. Now you can close the lid, it should securely snap onto the case.
The circuit case can now be attached to the back of the hair dress. We position the case so that the NeoPixel ring shines through the circular ring in the center of the design. We used double-sided sticky foam tape to attach the case to the hair dress so that it can easily be removed for other projects. The foam tape is tuff enough to stick for several hours. You can always use strong adhesives for a more permanent treatment.
To wear the hair dress, simply pull your hair up into a bun and stick it in where it feels most comfortable. You can use hair pins to hold up the hair dress to keep it from flopping over or falling off. Take caution when wearing the hair dress shaking your hear or dancing!

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