Line up your FLORA and GPS module according to the circuit diagram. You'll be attaching them back to back!

Solder wires onto the FLORA GPS' GND, TX, RX, 3.3V pins. Solder two longer wires to the GND and BAT pads on the FLORA GPS.
Use a piece of double-sided tape to position the GPS in the center back of FLORA, with the wires pointing towards the appropriate FLORA pads.
Clip wires to length, strip the ends, and solder the four connections to FLORA.

Route the two long BAT/GND wires through an unused hold on FLORA (like D9).
Thread on a coincell battery holder. BAT goes to + and GND goes to - on the holder. Adjust the wire lengths to position the battery holder on the FLORA as shown (we'll use foam tape to stick it down later).

Solder these connections and insulate the back of the holder with tape.

Plug in the FLORA via USB and test the GPS circuit according to the FLORA GPS guide.

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