Lay out four NeoPixel rings on a gridded surface like a cutting mat. Glue on your metal jewelry findings as shown with E6000 craft adhesive and let dry overnight.

The orientation of the rings in the photo above matches up with our coding diagram on the next page. This orientation affects how any multi-ring animations will look!
Open your jump rings by twisting the wire ends away from each other with two pairs of pliers. Torque the wire ends, don't splay them.

Use your jump rings to attach the jewelry findings to one another, and also to attach a magnetic clasp.

Close jump rings the same way you opened them: twist the wire ends towards each other with two pairs of pliers until they match up.
Follow the circuit diagram to connect GEMMA and the four NeoPixel Rings. Use small-gauge stranded wire, and route the wires through the jump rings so they are hidden from the front side of the pixel rings.

Make sure that the wires are not under strain-- they should be long enough to allow the segments of the bracelet to move semi-freely without tugging. The metal findings/jump ring should be responsible for strain relief.
When soldering power and ground connections, where more than one wire will affix to each joint, put both wires in at once before soldering. It's easier to solder two wires at once than it is to solder one wire in, then have to reheat the solder to add another.
You are making a piece of delicate jewelry, but you'll wear it out on your wrist, so there's a chance your wires could get snagged! To provide extra strain relief, add a dot of E6000 over each solder connection on the NeoPixel rings.
To add a power switch, cut and strip one of the wires leading to your battery.

Add two small pieces of heat shrink tubing to the stripped wires and solder to two legs of the small switch (center leg and one outer leg). Slide the heat shrink to cover the exposed metal and shrink with a heat gun.

Use a piece of foam tape to stick the battery behind the GEMMA, with the switch sticking out the side. Plug in the battery and glue the switch in place.

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