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Author Gravatar Image BECKY STERN
Get your cybergoth on with five color-changing NeoPixels studded onto a leather collar. The tiny GEMMA microcontroller can display endless animations on this fun funky accessory that's easy to make with a little soldering!

You will need:
  • GEMMA mini Arduino-compatible microcontroller (can also substitute Trinket)
  • through-hole NeoPixels
  • leather collar or cuff
  • 150mAh rechargeable lipoly battery and charger
  • solderless breadboard and alligator clips for prototyping
  • soldering iron and solder
  • solid core or stranded wire (20 to 26 gauge)
  • helping third hand tool
  • pliers
  • wire strippers
  • flush diagonal cutters
  • awl or other pointy tool to pierce leather
  • sharp utility knife
  • cutting mat
  • ruler
  • marking pen/pencil
  • gaffer tape or other material to protect battery
  • velcro tape to secure battery to collar
Portrait by Andrew Tingle
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