Dry fit all of the parts into the drawstring bag to get an idea of where things will best fit.  This is a good time to double-check that everything still works, particularly the capsense switch through the fabric.

Use a small piece of double stick foam tape to affix the tactile switch to the battery.

With additional piece of double stick foam tape, connect the two Flora pixels to the GEMMA board, and the rings to the Flora pixels and each other.

Place the capsense switch inside the bag where you'll be able to touch it, then use a needle and thread to stitch its two bottom corners to the side of the bag that the sensor is facing. Don't go through both layers of the bag.

Place the battery/switch combination in the other bottom corner of the bag, then insert the GEMMA/NeoPixel assembly.

Fill a small plastic bag with the scale model snow (or styrofoam beads, rice, or another diffusing material of your choice).


Then place the plastic diffuser bag in the pixie dust bag, in front of the GEMMA/NeoPixel assembly.

Pull the drawstring on your bag tight, and press the tactile switch to turn on the magic of the pixie dust!

Tap the capsense switch to try out the different beautiful colors. The bag will look especially wonderful in the dark!

Enjoy spreading your pixie dust magic. Should your power run out, simply disconnect the battery JST switch from the GEMMA, and plug it in to the charger, which you'll in turn plug into a USB port. Once the battery is charged, reconnect it to your GEMMA.

This guide was first published on Oct 22, 2014. It was last updated on May 29, 2024.

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