While encasing the ring in resin is optional, you will need to insulate the exposed components in e6000 or hot glue to avoid damaging the delicate solder joints.

Use the mold and resin directions to test your molds before encasing the LEDS in resin.

I started testing by filling my molds with hot glue before putting a few components into the molds and testing resin. Hot glue rings could work in a pinch, but were more sticky and yellow than I wanted.

Insulate battery terminals and solder joints on Gemma M0 with e6000 or your other favorite adhesive.

Attach a battery to the Gemma M0 and then both to the bracelet using e6000 or foam adhesive. I carefully wrapped the wires around the battery so that I could still remove it for charging. 

Wear it!

Unplug the battery for charging. 

While you’ll want to keep your Gemma M0 and battery away from the water, I was able to safely get my hands wet while wearing this fun piece since I sealed the ring in resin.

Enjoy your new creation!

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