Circuit Diagram

Review the circuit diagrams for making a ring with 3 pixels. These illustrations are meant for referencing wired connections. The length of wire, position, and size of components will not match the actual project.

Lay out 3 LEDs in a diagonal orientation with the teeny tiny notch on the top of the row. The notch signifies the negative side of the pixels. 


Using this orientation, the data in will be on the left and data out will be on the right. 

Take a piece of blu-tack or tape and label the top with a "-" and the bottom with a "+". Since we've flipped things over, the data in will be on the right and the data out will be on the left. I used a screwdriver head to keep things labeled. 

Tin all of the pads on the backs of the pixels. Tinning the pixels worked best when I hovered the soldering iron right above the pads instead of directly touching them. 

Put the bracelet on your arm and move it as far up your arm it might go. Measure the distance between where the ring will sit (on your finger) and the bracelet. Add 1" and cut 3 pieces of wire. 

Measure the distance 1.5x around the ring finger and cut a piece of Silicone Cover Stranded-Core Ribbon Cable. Remove one of the wires if you've picked up the 4-strand variety.

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