Cables for NeoPixels

Use a new pair of Molex cables and cut up a set for six NeoPixels. Make the cables the following length.

6cm (2.3in)

Wiring Input

Start by wiring up the molex cable plugs to the SMD pads on the back of a NeoPixel button PCB. Wire yellow to data in, black to ground and red to the voltage pad.

Wiring Output

Proceed to wire the molex socket cable to the data out, ground and voltage pads.

Wired NeoPixel

Double check the wires are soldered in the correct orientation with them facing inwards.

NeoPixel with Cables

The two molex cables should be able to straighten out for the assembly.

6x Wired NeoPixels

Measure and cut 6x pairs of molex cables for 6x NeoPixels. Solder the cables to the NeoPixels. Wire the socket cables to the NeoPixel's data out pads and the cable plugs to the data in pads.

First NeoPixel Wiring

The first NeoPixel in the strand will need to have one longer molex cable (plug) wired to the data in pin. The shorter molex cable (socket) is wired to the data out pin.

Last NeoPixel

The last NeoPixel in the strand only needs one molex cable (plug) connected to the data in pad. Use the following length to size the cable.

6cm (2.3in)

Center NeoPixel

The fifth NeoPixel in the strand features longer molex cables. Use the following length to measure and cut the cables.

12cm (4.7in)

9x Wired NeoPixels

Double check each NeoPixel is probably wired up. Line them up in order (from left to right) and reference the photo for correct placement.

Test Circuit

Plug the molex cables together with the first NeoPixel connecting to the QT Py. Use 5V power supply or computer's hub to power the circuit.

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