Top Cover and Holders

Get the holders ready to install into the LED holder top cover. There should be eight short holders and one longer holder.

Install Holders

Start by fastening the longer holder to the hole in the center of the top cover.

Proceed to install all eight shorter holder into the remaining holders in the top cover.

Firmly hand tighten all of the holders to the top cover.

First NeoPixel Install

Get the first NeoPixel ready to install into the holder.

Installing NeoPixel

Carefully fit the molex cables from the first NeoPixel through the short holder that's first in line. The connectors should fit all the way through the holder.

Installed NeoPixel

Proceed to install the second NeoPixel in the strand.

Connect NeoPixel Cables

Grab the socket cable from the first NeoPixel and connect it to the second NeoPixel. The first NeoPixels data out flows into the second NeoPixels data in.

Install Frame to Top Cover

Continue to install NeoPixels into the holders. Connect the cables together after installing each NeoPixel.

Bulb Diffusers

Get the nine diffuser bulbs ready to install into the top of the holders.

Install Diffusers

The bulbs are press fitted into the top of each holder.

The tolerances should have a tight snug fit.

If the bulbs are too tight to fit, you may need to file down the edges or use a deburring tool on the holders.

Secure Stand to Cover

Attach the Stand Frame part to the bottom cover of the LED case using the following hardware.

  • 2x M2.5 x 10mm
  • 2x M2.5 hex nuts

Secure Stand to Cover (continued)

Attach the stand frame to the bottom base cover using the following hardware.

  • 2x M2.5 x 10mm
  • 2x M2.5 hex nuts

Install Push Button

The 16mm push button is panel mounted to the base top cover.

Insert the push button into the hole in the cover with the cable going in first.

Use the included hex nut to secure the button to the cover.

Install QT Py

The QT Py is secured to the built-in holder in the base bottom cover with the USB port facing the edge.

Start by fitting the QT Py PCB into the holder at an angle.

Slightly bend the cover to allow the tabs to snap onto the edges of the PCB.

Secured QT Py

Double check the QT Py is fully seated into the built-in holder. The USB-C port should be facing the correctly

Secure Frame to Base Cover

The frame from the base is attached to the base bottom cover.

Orient the frame so the cut out is facing the QT Py's USB-C Port.

Press the parts together to snap fit them together.

Connect Button to QT Py

Grab the cables from the QT Py and push button and connect them together.

Install NeoPixel Cable

Grab the 3-pin cable from the QT Py and thread the connector through the holes in the base cover, stand frame and bottom cover of the LED case.

Secure Base to Stand

Snap fit the base cover to the base frame by firmly pressing the two parts together.

Make sure the wires from the 2-pin cable is not kinking.

Ensure the 3-pin cable is still threaded through the holes and sticking out the top of the LED bottom cover. 

Install Frame

Get the framing of the LED case ready to attached to the bottom cover.

Snap fit the bottom cover into the frame.

NeoPixel Order

Check the order of the NeoPixel LEDs are correct with the first NeoPixel being on the far right.

Orient the base so the USB port is facing the back and the push button is facing the front.

Connect QT Py to NeoPixel Strand

Grab the connector from the QT Py and connect it to the first NeoPixel.

Get the top cover ready to install onto the framing of the LED case.

Secure Top Cover to Frame

Press the edges from the top cover so they snap fit into the framing of the LED case.

Install Stand Covers

Grab the two covers for the stand and snap fit them onto the framing of the stand.

Keep the wires from the cable inside the stand and avoid kinking any wires.

Installed Stand Covers

Double check the edges are all flush so the covers are installed properly.

Final Build

Congratulations! Your NeoPixel Menorah is ready for lighting up Hanukkah!

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