The circuit we are building is simple: basically, we are connecting a homemade strand of NeoPixel LEDs to a Gemma M0. The illustration above shows the general connections we'll be making, but is not to scale, and not representative of the actual connection points in the strand. See the diagram up top for help locating the correct pads on each NeoPixel.

Connections to the Gemma M0 are as follows:

NeoPixel Power

to Vout on Gemma M0

NeoPixel Data In

Pin D1 on Gemma M0

NeoPixel Ground

to GND on Gemma M0

It gets complex when we start building the strand of NeoPixel LEDs. We'll chain the tiny NeoPixels together, sending power, ground, and data from the thumbnail to the pinky nail. Note the layout of the pads, and look for the cut corner at the top right on the front of the NeoPixel. Use this corner to orient the NeoPixel correctly while making your connections in the next step.

Let's build the circuit!

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