Start with one of the LEDs identified by a star in the image.


Determine the approximate distance between the ground and power holes on this and the adjacent LEDs.


Cut wires at least 1” longer than the longest distance needed. You will need 4 wires for most of the LEDs, but 6 for LEDs where the data line is split. 

Strip approximately ¼” off one side of each wire. If you are using different color wires, strip all sides at once.

Twist the stripped ends of wire into a pair or triplet so that it can fit into a hole on the neopixels

Solder, Part 1

Attach one pair (or triplet) of wires into the power and the other pair into the ground holes of the LED.

Strip about ¼” off the ends of the wires in the power hole of the LED. If you are using different color wires, strip all sides at once. 


Braid wires from two LEDs towards an LED without any wires.

The 30awg wire will fit into the NeoPixel holes without being stripped. I found this was a great way to keep the braid on one side while braiding another set of wires or waited until another section was complete. 

Solder, Part 2

After braiding, check to ensure that wiring is correct from one LED to the next.

Strip any additional sheathing from the power wires, twist together, feed through the power hole, and solder.

Once the power wires are attached, strip ground wires, twist together, feed through the ground hole, and solder.

Bring it all Together

The power and ground lines of the NeoPixels in Sections 3 & 4 connect directly to the power line on the NeoPixel Ring in the center. These NeoPixels also connect up to the top along the outside. 

Follow the diagram to complete the rest of the power and ground wiring. 

It may feel like a mess at some points. Remember to take breaks, double check your work, and say nice things to yourself!

Check that all of your wires are running to and from the correct locations, plug in your battery and test!

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