There are a few ways to approach stringing LEDs. This part of the guide will go over my method of braiding the three wires between each NeoPixel. This page provides an overview of the method covered in greater detail over the next few pages.

If you aren’t interested in braiding, Erin has a great method for quickly stringing NeoPixels together, shown in her twinkling LED parasol.

Cut & Strip Wires

When cutting wires, determine the approximate distance between the LEDs & add at least 1”. Use a wire stripper tool or your fingernails to strip approximately ¼” off the ends.

Make the Data Line

Start by connecting the data line between LEDs, ensuring that the arrows all point in the same direction!

Power & Ground

Add power and ground wires. Use different color wires or mark wires to ensure that the lines don't cross. I attach power before ground wires and strip the ends of my power wires.


Braid and solder wires to NeoPixels, starting with the power wires, before moving onto the ground wires. 

This guide was first published on Nov 21, 2018. It was last updated on Jul 13, 2024.

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