Start connecting the data line using the pieces of wire you've cut and stripped.


Work in the sections recommended to ensure that the data flows all in one direction. 


Sections 1 & 2 are identical and each contain 9 individual LEDs.


There will be two data lines out of the 4th LED on each side.

Sections 3-6 are identical and each contain 3 LEDs.

Section 7 brings together the NeoPixel ring, two NeoPixel Jewels & two individual NeoPixels.


The data in on the top jewel is fed from one LED.

There are 4 data out wires on the bottom jewel, one pointing towards each of the "sections" 3-6. 

Bring it all together

Attach two wires to the A1 pin on the Circuit Playground Express (CPX) and connect it to the two NeoPixels at the top.


One of the wires will need to be long enough to travel under the CPX and to the first pixel on that side. 

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