Trace Reference

Build the stencil files by tracing out the details in your favorite vector app to create the paths or download the svg vectors paths!


Measure body length

Create a document with the correct body measruments for each part of the upper, middle and lower chest.

Exturde Paths

Next we'll build the solid pieces that will act as the cutouts for the stencils, or you download the STLs for the shoulders, chest and lower body.

Make a square as big as the build plate you'll be printing on, here we made it 30cm x 30 cm. Import the svg file, snap the bottom faces to the top of the square, just a couple millimeters below the box.

Make the stencile about 1 to 1.5 mm thick. We found that a thinner stencile produced cleaner edges when spray painting on the unitard.

Print Stencil

Clean your build plate and preheat your extrude. We used a Flexable build plate for easy removal. Prints should take about an hour to complete. 

Mark LEDs on unitard

Mark the placement of were the NeoPixel LEDs are by wearing the unitard over the spanx. 

Paint Stencil

Once we have marked our NeoPixel placments we mock up were we'd like the circuit trace details. Use pieces of blue tape once your happy with the placment of each stencil.

Keep the unitard stretch for painting. We used a box to keep the parts stretch out while spraying. 

Let the paint dry for about 30mins and wear to your next halloween or cosplay event!

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