In this project we’re building an Infinity Cube with NeoPixels!

The frame is 3D printed and the acrylic panels are coated with see-through mirror film.

With mirrored acrylic, this creates a really neat effect that’s borderline magic!

LED strips inside the frame light up, making the acrylic appear transparent.


The panels reflect the light inside the cube creating a really cool tunnel effect.

We set this up with Bluetooth so we can trigger different LED animations.

The code for this project is written in CircuitPython and uses the ItsyBitsy nRF52840 microcontroller.

This uses the LED animation library, which makes creating sequences much easier.

There are lots of options for customization, so you can change colors and speed!


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1 x Acrylic See-Through Mirror
12 x 12 inches (1mm thick)

This project was inspired by ThomasJ152's Infinity Cube

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