Build a sci-fi inspired bike light using Adafruit Feather and NeoPixels. Use an RGB LED Button to cycle through different colors and animations. The button will actually match the colors of the NeoPixels!

3D Printed Headlight

This is a 3D printed a headlight for my bike. I designed a mounting plate to house a 24x NeoPixel ring and 7x NeoPixel Jewel. The headlight fixture was inspired by rocket boosters and jet engines. I had the idea of an illuminated edge band that wraps around a cylinder with an illuminated inner core. By combining black PLA and translucent PLA, you can mask out certain geometry while illuminating other elements. I've been meaning to design specifically for dual extrusion such as the Ultimaker 3 and this is what I came up with. 

Adafruit's Feather Platform

I wanted to use the Adafruit Feather platform because it's fully featured and expandable via the FeatherWing add-ons. With on-board USB charging, it makes it easy recharge the battery.    

Circuit Python Powered

An RGB LED Button is used to cycle through different colors and animations on the NeoPixels. The code is written in Adafruit's Circuit Python. When you connect the Adafruit Feather to your computer via USB cable, it shows up like a flash drive. The code and libraries are accessible anytime, on any computer (even some mobile devices!). The code live on the drive, so you don't need an IDE to change or upload code. This allows for quick code changes and great for accessibility.

Prerequisite Guides

If you're new to Adafruit Feather M4 Express, CircuitPython or soldering, take a moment to walk through the following guides to get you started.

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