NeoPixel Connections

The 24 NeoPixel ring and 7 NeoPixel jewel will need a total of six connections. The NeoPixel ring and jewel will share 5V and GND connections. The Data-Out from the NeoPixel ring will need to connect to the Data-In of the NeoPixel Jewel. To connect the NeoPixel ring to the NeoPixel jewel, use three separate wires (70mm/2.8inches in length). A 3-pin JST-PH cable will be used to connect the NeoPixel ring to the Adafruit Feather.

Suggested Length for 3-Pin JST-PH Cables: 130mm (5in)

Soldering NeoPixel Ring

The 3D printed mounting plate (bhl-plate.stl) for the 24 NeoPixel ring has a series of holes that exactly match the pinouts on the PCB.  Take a moment to line up the pins with those holes. The voltage, ground and data pins are labeled on the PCB. Insert wires from the 3-pin JST cable through the holes of the mounting plate. Use the holes that correspond with the 5V, GND and Data-In pins on the 24 NeoPixel ring. Pull the wires through the plate to gain enough length for soldering. The wires will need to be soldered to the bottom side of the PCB. A set of third helping hands can secure the ring in place while soldering. It's a bit tricky to solder the wires with the mounting plate attached so take precautions not to touch the plastic with the soldering iron.




Take a moment to reference how the connections are made. Check to ensure the wires are being inserted through the correct side of the PCB and mounting plate.

NeoPixel Jewel Wires

The three separate wires will need to be soldered to the voltage, ground and data pins on the NeoPixel jewel. Colored wires help tell the connections apart. Use the labels on the PCB to reference pinouts. Solder the wires to the  5V, GND and Data Input pins. Note, the wires are soldered through the bottom side of the PCB.

Install NeoPixel Jewel

Insert the wires from the jewel through the center of the mounting plate. The center features holes that match exactly with the pinouts on the neopixel jewel. Line them up so they match. Press the PCB into the center so it's flush. Pull the wires all the way through the back of the mounting plate.




Solder NeoPixel Jewel

Grab the three wires from the jewel and thread them through the holes with corresponding pins. The 24 NeoPixel ring has spare voltage and ground pins that can be used. The Data In wire from the neopixel jewel needs to go to the Data Out pin on the neopixel ring.




Connecting NeoPixel Ring to NeoPixel Jewel

Ensure the connections from the neopixel jewel are going to the correct pins on neopixel ring. There should be enough wire length to reach the pins on the PCB. A set of third helping is essential in assisting with soldering. Otherwise, it's a bit tricky to keep the PCB in place. Be careful not to touch the mounting plate with the soldering iron.

Wired NeoPixels

The wiring on the neopixels were soldered through the back in order to keep the wires away from the light source. The front facing side of the neopixels should be free from any wires. This is a bit tricky to wire, but with patience and handy tools, it can be done. If you can't get your fingers in the right place, I found a set of tweezers to be really useful. 

Wire Check

Take a moment to reference the wired connections. The corresponding 3-pin JST cable needs to have matching polarity with the Adafruit Feather. 

Wire Feather

Solder the corresponding 3-pin JST-PH cable to the Adafruit Feather. The polarity really matters here, so take a moment to reference the wiring and ensure the connections match.

  • D6 from Feather to Data-In on NeoPixels
  • GND from Feather to GND on NeoPixels
  • 3V from Feather to PWR on NeoPixels

Test NeoPixels

Before proceeding with the assembly, check the NeoPixels are wired correctly. I used a neopixel example code in circuit python to test out the NeoPixels. Be sure to update the code with the correct number of pixels and pin. Upload the code to the board if you haven't done so already. Plug in the battery to the Adafruit Feather to it test out.

This guide was first published on Nov 06, 2018. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

This page (NeoPixel Wiring) was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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