Install Headlight Diffuser

Grab the headlight diffuser and mounting plate. Line up the three mounting holes and orient the parts so they match. The diffuser is symmetrical so it should line up with the mounting holes nicely.

Join Parts

The mounting plate should be flush with the headlight diffuser. Bring them close and press them together. If any warping occurs during the 3D printing process, the parts may has a gap which will introduce light leaking.

Secure Mount to Headlight

Insert M3 x 8mm pan head metric machine screws through the holes on the mounting plate. Fasten the screws until it barely protrudes through the other side. Grab the headlight diffuser and line up the mounting holes. Press the parts together. While holding parts, fasten the screws to fully tighten.




Hardware for Headlight Clips

Grab the metric screws and hex nuts for attaching the headlight clips to the mounting plate. You'll need 2x M3 x 10mm pan head metric machine screws and 2x M3 nylon lock nuts.

Install Headlight Mounting Clips

Grab one of the clips and press it into one of the square shaped tabs on the mounting plate. Reference the photo to gauge the correct orientation. Insert an M3 lock nut into the recess on the mounting clip – The hexagon shape would allow the lock nut to be press fitted. Fasten a screw through the tab on the mounting plate. Repeat this process for the second tab.




Assembled Headlight

Take a moment to check your work. The clips should be flush with the tabs on the mounting plate.

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