Feather Wired Connections

With the button and switch wired with JST-PH cables, solder the corresponding wires to the Adafruit Feather. Take a moment to reference the wired connections and sort out the polarity and ensure they're matching.

Feather RGB LED Wiring

Solder the 4-pin JST-PH cable to the pins on the Feather. Make sure each connection matches the corresponding polarity.

  • D9 – Red LED
  • D10 – Green LED
  • D11 – Blue LED 
  • 3V – Common Anode

Feather Button

Solder the 2-pin JST-PH cable from the button to the Feather. Polarity from the push button doesn't matter here so the connections do not have to match the corresponding cable.

  • D12 – Button
  • GND – Button 

Feather Switch

Solder the 2-pin JST-PH cable from the toggle switch to the Feather. Polarity doesn't necessarily matter here as long as the correct pins are wired. 

  • EN – Switch
  • GND – Switch

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