Soldering the Flash Chip

See the QT Py guide for information on soldering the flash chip onto the back of the QT Py and ensuring you are running the "haxpress" version of CircuitPython downloaded from

You'll need to solder the 2MB SPI Flash to the back of the QT Py to run the code as written.

Headers and the Perma-Proto

A 1/4 Perma-Proto board is used to keep the wiring neat. The QT Py will plug-in with headers.

Solder two sets of socket headers, seven sockets long, onto the Perma-Proto. Space them for the QT Py.

Solder plug headers onto the QT Py, using the socket headers as a guide. 

Solder a piece of wire from the QT Py's 5V pin to the Perma-Proto's 5V rail. Then, solder a piece of wire from the QT Py's GND pin to the Perma-Proto's ground rail.

Prep the NeoPixels

Beginning with the second pixel on your strip, count off 34 pixels and mark the position with a marker. 

Cut off the first pixel with your snips and then cut at your marker position. Make sure to snip in the middle of the solder pads.

Using tweezers, pull your newly separated strip out of the silicone packaging.

Repeat this process for a second strand of 34 pixels. 

You'll have two strands of 34 pixels for a total of 68 for Frank.

Solder the NeoPixels

Using sticky tack, secure the first NeoPixel strip flat on your workspace.

Take three wires, tin them and then solder them to the NeoPixel strip's pads. A piece of sticky tack can be helpful to secure the wires as well.

Your wire lengths should be around 5 inches.

Solder the 5V wire to the Perma-Proto's 5V rail, the GND wire to the Perma-Proto's GND rail and the DIN wire to the Perma-Proto's A3 rail.

Connect the two NeoPixel strips together by soldering 5V to 5V, GND to GND and DIN to DOUT.

Your wire lengths should be around 4 inches.

Add the Capacitive Touch Pads

Cut two pieces of copper tape. The pieces should be approximately 4 inches long.

Tin the end of each piece of copper tape with wire. Then, solder a piece of wire to each piece of tape.

The wires should be approximately 5 inches long.

Solder the copper tape's wires to the A1 and A2 rails on the Perma-Proto, respectively.

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