Hot Glue the Perma-Proto

The Perma-Proto board is mounted between Frank's eyes and mouth with the QT Py's USB C port pointing down.

Using a hot glue gun, lay glue down across the solder points for the QT Py's sock headers and then attach to the inside of Frank.

Hot Glue the First NeoPixel Strip

Position the first NeoPixel strip so that the pixels are shining downward. Using sticky tack, position them just above Frank's brow so that they'll shine down above the eyes.

Once you're happy with the position, tack the strip in place with your glue gun. Put small dabs on top of the solder pads so that the strip is secure. 

Also put hot glue on the wire connections for the strip to prevent any shorts.

Attach the Capacitive Touch Strips

Remove the copper tape's backing and place the pieces so that they run down the middle of the bolts. The solder point should be mounted vertically inside of Frank.

Hot glue both pieces of tape's solder points and any contact points inside of Frank to avoid any shorting.

Hot Glue the Second NeoPixel Strip

Repeat the mounting and hot gluing process with the second strip, this time with the pixels facing up. They should be mounted just below Frank's bottom lip so that his mouth is illuminated.

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