Slide Switch JST Adapter

Use a 2-pin JST female and male cables to get a slide switch JST adapter. This allows the power to be cut from the battery. The switch is wired in-line with the voltage (red) wire.

Wired Slide Switch

Solder the ground wires from both JST cables together. Solder the two voltage wires to the middle pin and either side pin on the slide switch. Use pieces of heat shrink tubing to insulate the exposed connections.

NeoPixel Jewel JST Cable

A male 3-pin JST cable is soldered to the DIN, 5V and GND pins on the NeoPixel Jewel.

NeoPixel Jewel JST Cable

Solder the red wire to the 5V pin, the black wire to GND and the white wire to the DIN pin on the back of the NeoPixel Jewel.

Wired NeoPixel Jewel

Double check the solder joints are solid. Note, the cable in the photo is silicone stranded cover ribbon wire.

Cables for GEMMA M0

A female 3-pin JST cable and 2-wire ribbon cable is soldered to the GEMMA M0.

Connect 3-pin JST to GEMMA

Solder the white wire to D2, black wire to GND and red wire to 3V.

Connect 2-wire Cable to GEMMA

Solder the 2-wire ribbon cable to the GND and VOUT pins on the GEMMA M0.

Wired GEMMA M0

The ground pin on the GEMMA M0 shares common ground with the JST cable and 2-wire ribbon cable.

5V MiniBoost Headers

Install a 4-pin male headers to the 5V MiniBoost. This will make it easier to attach multiple wires to the pins.

Installed Headers

Tin the pins on the headers by adding a bit of solder. This will make it easier to attach wires to the pins.

5V DC Fan

The fan comes with pre-soldered ground and voltage wires. Silicone cover stranded core wires can be substituted for stronger more flexible wires.   

Wiring Gemma and Fan to Boost 

The GEMMA M0 and 5V fan are soldered to the pins on the 5V MiniBoost. The 5V MiniBoost provided the fan with proper 5V with 1A current.

Wiring Boost

Solder the wires to the following pins:

  • VOUT from GEMMA to VIN on MiniBoost
  • GND from GEMMA to GND on MiniBoost
  • GND from fan to GND on MiniBoost
  • Voltage from fan to 5V on MiniBoost.

Wired GEMMA and 5V Fan

Double check the solder joints are solid.

Circuit Testing

Connect the NeoPixel Jewel to the GEMMA M0. Connect the slide switch JST adapter to the GEMMA M0 and 2200mAh battery. Ensure the fan blades are not being obstructed before powering on. Use the switch to power on the circuit. Ensure the on/off switch on-board the GEMMA M0 is set to the ON position.

This guide was first published on Aug 25, 2020. It was last updated on Jul 20, 2024.

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