The flame is cut from silk fabric. These dance scarves are made from a lightweight material with a low thread count. This pack includes several colors, orange and red being the ones suited for this project.

Cutting Silk

Print out the template and cut out the shape of the flames. Attach the cutouts to the fabric by taping it to the surface. Use sharp scissors to cut out the shape from the fabric.

Avoid the using fabric that has creases or deformations. These can distort the movement of the flame. Use neat and clean material that with a flat and even surface. 

Flame Template

Carefully remove the template from the fabric and peel off any excess tape or loose threads.

Handle silk gently! It can be easily damaged, and can't be fixed. Avoid stretching, pinching or creasing the fabric.

Additional Flames

Repeat this process for the second flame.

Secure Silk Fabric

The silk flames are attached to the crossbar using double-stick tape. Orient the flames with the crossbar so the standoffs are facing down. Reference the photo for correct placement.

Apply double stick tape to all four sides of the crossbar.

Flame Crossbar

Attach the large single flame to the edge along the side of the crossbar. Attach the two thinner flames to the opposite side. Add pieces of double-stick tape to the crossbar first, then carefully place the fabric over.

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