Rotary Encoder

With the 3-pin side at the top:

  • Top left pin to A3
  • Top center pin to G
  • Top right pin to A2
  • Bottom left pin to G
  • Bottom right pin to A5


All NeoPixels have an IN and an OUT pin. Data must flow from IN to OUT or the pixels won't work. So our data flow will start from pin A1 on the Circuit Playground. 

The 24-pixel ring is first in line, followed by the 60-pixel ring, and then the individual pixels that go inside the crystals. The data wire (shown in yellow) is connected to A1, then flows to the IN pad on the first ring, then to the OUT pad on that ring and on to the IN on the larger ring. After data flows through all four sections, it comes back OUT of the large ring and then IN to OUT on each individual pixel.

Power can flow either direction - it's not one-way like the data flow is. We'll connect the power wires (shown in red and black) at the top of the chandelier and let the power flow downward until it reaches the Circuit Playground. 

Our screw terminal connects to all the individual pixels at once for the power and ground wires. Then these lines flow through the large ring, the small ring, and end up at the Circuit Playground.

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