My chandelier has three 3d-printed rings to hold the NeoPixel rings, with appropriately sized holes for 26awg silicone stranded wires to poke through and a hole at the bottom for the rotary encoder knob. 

The rings were designed in Tinkercad, a free online 3d Design service from Autodesk. Tinkercad is wonderfully easy to use and great for learning 3d design. Its intuitive interface lets you choose premade shapes and squish them together to create quick and simple downloadable .stl files. 

Download the files below, or click the Edit button to add your own flair or adjust the sizing or styling on Tinkercad.

I printed these in Glow in the Dark PLA with no raft on a glass bed coated with a thin layer of PET (glue stick), and the bottoms came out beautifully smooth and glassy. No supports are needed to print. 

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