Style and Size

Your button doesn't have to a circle, it can be what ever shape and size you want! Customize your buttons in Autodesk's Fusion 360.

The Parts

These were originally created in Autodesk 123D, which is no longer available or supported…but the same files can be imported into Fusion 360Open our file and take a look at the parts that build up the design. To change the size, there is 4 parts that will need to be resized.

  1. Base Shell (23mm)
  2. Base Bottom (24mm)
  3. Cover Shell (24mm)
  4. Cover Bottom (25mm)

Button Diameter

Our coat buttons have a diameter of 25mm. The cover piece will be seen on the front of the coat while the base piece is 2mm shorter so the cover piece snaps onto the base. To change the size of a part, select the object and click on the 'Scale' option in the bottom menu. Change the scale option to non-uniform and enter your desired size in the X and Y input boxes.

Snappy Nubs

We uses these shapes to tightly secure the cover and base pieces together. To assemble the nubs, you will need to perform combine (subtract) to the (1)base shell and combine (join) the (3)cover shell. WIth the (1)base shell nubs subtracted, select the base shell object to highlight it. Select the top and bottom faces of the object and click the gear icon. In the hovering menu, select the shell function. Type 1mm into the input box and press enter. To combine (join) the two nubs onto the (3)cover shell, click combine, keep the option set to 'join' and select the shell and two nubs.

NeoPixel Snaps

The (2)base bottom will need to be combined (join) to the (1)base shell. Move the shell down on the Z-axis until it touched the top surface of the base. The inner shell that is in center of the base will also need to be combined. The 4 ellipse shapes will need to be subtracted from the combined base so that the base and the NeoPixel can be sewed onto the coat.
  • 12.8mm NeoPixel snap


After the combining and subtracting the parts, you should be left with two pieces. Arrange the two pieces so they are perpendiculer with each other. Save as a copy to your computer and Export STL.

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