3D Printed Parts

All you need is these two parts, thats it (for one arcade button, at least).

Slicer Settings

You can use the settings below as a reference. The parts are oriented in the center of the bed and ready to print "as is". They do not require any support material.


2 shells
4 top/bottom layers
.2mm layer height
50mms speeds
10% infill

about 5 minutes



about 5 minutes

Modify Design

The parts were modeled in Autodesk 123D Design and available to modify. The file includes the original solids and sketches.


The cap snaps onto the connector piece and they're held together by friction. The tolerances for these parts will vary depending on your print settings, but you can download and modify the design to fit your project.


For a nice soft LED diffusion, ideally you want your diffuser printed a filament with a light colored pigment. White, natural and of course transparent filament will work best.

In my demos I used glowFill, which is glow-in-the-dark PLA/PHA filament from Colorfabb. It's kinda cool that the NeoPixel LEDs charge up the material so it glows when the lights are turned off.

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