Data Connections

The Circuit Playground must be connected to the "in" end of the LED strip.  Data flows one way through the strip, from "in" to "out".

Circuit Playground G

Dotstar G

Circuit Playground 9

Dotstar CI

Circuit Playground 6

Dotstar DI

Cirucit Playground VBATT

Dotstar 5V

Power Connections

The power supply will be connected in the middle of the strip.  Power flows happily either up or down the strip so we don't need to connect it at the "in" end like we did with the Circuit Playground.  

Putting it in the middle will minimize the number of pixels the power needs to flow through. Too many pixels can cause a brown-out down the line. If this is a problem with your installation, run an extra set of + and – wires from the power supply to points further down the strip, using heavy gauge wire (18 AWG or thicker). You can inject power into the strips wherever you need it.

LED Strip "out" connector

LED Strip "in" connector

LED Strip Red Wire

Screw Terminal +

LED Strip Black Wire

Screw Terminal -

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