Each installation will be different due to the nature of space and materials.  Here is what worked for me. 

Secure the LED strip down in the center of your channel using 3/4" cable staples.  Give the corners a fairly rounded arc to avoid breaking the LED strip.


Secure the power cord down in the same manner.

Drill two adjacent 1/4" holes in the wall behind where you plan to mount the Circuit Playground, and two more where the connector will emerge to connect with your first LED.  I found it easiest to mount the Circuit Playground directly above the first LED in the series, so gravity and a repurposed coat hanger were the only tools I needed for threading the wires through the wall.

Fasten the Circuit Playground to the wall with mounting tape.   Plug the connector into your LED strip.


Fill your trough with glass pebbles and enjoy the light show!

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