Line your walkway or edge your room with Dotstar LEDs submerged beneath colored glass pebbles. Circuit Playground's onboard buttons give you an easy on/off switch and control of the modes.   Add as many modes as you want! Customize the color palettes and animations to suit your mood.

If you've ever tried installing store-bought LED strips around your house and been disappointed with their annoying color-change modes, this guide is for you.  With just a little coding and soldering the possibilities become as limitless as your imagination.

You can add a sound reactive mode to make your own music-reactive dance floor, use Circuit Playground's onboard light sensor for automatic day/night modes, or use any of its other sensors to make this floor do whatever you can dream up. 

Electronic Parts

1 x Dotstar LEDs
30/m - Get enough so you have a few extra
1 x Circuit Playground
Circuit Playground Classic
1 x Power Supply
5v 10A Power Supply
1 x Screw Terminal
Female DC Power Screw terminal connector

I used around 300 pixels to circumnavigate my 2m x 3m dining room.  Larger installations may require additional power or code modifications.

Other Stuff You'll Need

Glass pebbles

These are sold in small quantities in the floral section of your local craft store, but you'll probably need to find larger quantities.  Shop around to find the best deal.  Search for "fireplace glass" or "glass pebbles in bulk".  

Look at local hardware or fireplace supply stores as well as online, since shipping heavy stones can be cost-prohibitive.  


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