circuit diagram using a Trinket 5V - in reality the NeoPixel Ring should be full circle
the connections between each 1/4 60 Ring should look something like this

Solder 4 pieces of the the NeoPixel 1/4 60 Ring together, connecting GND to GND, 5V to 5V and DIN to DOUT. Butt the ends together and use a small piece of stripped wire as a 'bridge' to give some mechanical support.

the fully constructed NeoPixel Ring should end up looking like this

Leave one pair of DIN and DOUT disconnected- this will be where the NeoPixel strand begins and ends. The microcontroller data pin will connect to the DIN here.

The ring is very delicate! So please mount onto a backing or use care when moving around!


NeoPixel Ring connects as follows:

  • +5V → 5V pin on Arduino or USB pin on Trinket (red wire)
  • GND → GND pin on Arduino or Trinket (black wire)
  • DIN → D3 pin on Arduino or #3 Trinket (blue wire)

DS1307 RTC connects as follows:

  • +5V → 5V on Arduino or Trinket (red wire)
  • GND → GND on Arduino or Trinket (black wire)
  • SDA → Analog 4 on Arduino or #0 on Trinket (green wire) 
  • SCL → Analog 5 on Arduino or #2 on Trinket (orange wire) 

 Assemble the DS1307 breakout following these instructions if it's not pre-assembled.

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