Since we wanted to keep the costs at a minimum we decided to build the NeoPix Arcade Kit around a cardboard box.  The cardboard box has dual use.  First, it serves to hold the Circuit Playground, USB cable, batteries, and the screws during transport (if desired).  Secondly, it allows the mounting of the Circuit Playground on the box so tap detection based games on the NeoPix arcade work consistently.  In fact, the 1D Pong Game works both with tap detection and with the left and right buttons on the Circuit Playground. 

The NeoPix Arcade Kit comes with a AAA battery pack, a micro USB cable, screws, a NeoPix arcade box, and a preprogrammed Circuit Playground. This was designed to make assembly as easy as possible.  The following pictures show mounting process of the Circuit Playground. 

Note that the bolts can be mounted in a reverse orientation to easily allow external switches to be connected to the Circuit Playground via alligator clips.

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