Now that your circuit is complete, it's time to assemble the laser cut enclosure. You'll need to find a laser-cutting shop, hacker space or other friend with a laser cutter to cut out the pieces. You can find the files to cut in this github repository, use 1/8" clear and black acrylic - or get creative and do something else!

Start by attaching the neopixel matrix to the acrylic plate that will hold it in place within the enclosure.

There are four screws that hold it in place. 

Now take the back panel and attach the stainless steel machine screws which will hold the Pro Trinket in place.

Attach the Pro Trinket to the back plate, making sure the screws are tightened down firmly.

Connect the neopixel matrix to the back plate with the side panel, being careful to use the one with the hole for the micro USB.

Now you can add the other side panel and the top and bottom pieces, attaching each with the black nylon screws as you go.

Once all the clear acrylic pieces are put together, you are ready to add the pixel guard and diffuser.

Put the pixel guard in place on top of the neopixel grid. This will help contain the light from each pixel, making each letter on your clock crisper and easier to read. 

If you would like to add a diffuser, now is the time. Diffusers are used to spread out the light from the neopixels and make the text on the faceplate easier to read. 

You can make a diffuser from a plain sheet of paper, or any other material that will even out the bright light from the neopixels. Just trace the outline of the neopixel matrix and cut it out.

Place the diffuser on top of the neopixel matrix. 

Now you are ready to attach the faceplate.

Before putting the faceplate in place, pull the protective paper cover off the faceplate. Any letter pieces should get pulled out along with the paper. 

Use tweezers to poke out any bits of letters that don't fall out when the paper is pulled off.

Now you can screw down the faceplate onto the enclosure, sealing the diffuser inside.

Use the final four screws to affix the faceplate to the enclosure.

Your wordclock is assembled! Revel in your accomplishment.

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