Emojis are super fun to use, but can be annoying to type when you're not on your phone. This guide will show you how to create a macro keyboard to send your favorite emojis with the press of a satisfying mechanical keyboard switch.

The code is written in CircuitPython. This makes it possible to edit your code on the go and customize your emoji choices depending on your mood.

The keyboard uses a 1x4 NeoKey STEMMA board. This connects to a QT Py RP2040 via I2C with a STEMMA cable, which means no soldering required!


Top view video of a fully assembled NeoKey 1x4 QT I2C with switches and smoke gray keycaps powered by a QT Py on a breadboard. A hand reaches down to press the keys, which emit rainbow colors.
The only thing better than a nice mechanical key is, perhaps, FOUR mechanical keys that also can glow any color of the rainbow - and that's what the Adafruit...
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Video of hand holding a QT Py PCB in their hand. An LED glows rainbow colors.
What a cutie pie! Or is it... a QT Py? This diminutive dev board comes with one of our new favorite chip, the RP2040. It's been made famous in the new
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Angled of of JST SH 4-Pin Cable.
This 4-wire cable is 50mm / 1.9" long and fitted with JST SH female 4-pin connectors on both ends. Compared with the chunkier JST PH these are 1mm pitch instead of 2mm, but...
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Top down view of four piles of Kailh key switches in Red, Black, Brown, and Black variations.
For crafting your very own custom keyboard, these Kailh mechanical key switches are deeee-luxe!Come in a pack of 10 switches, plenty to make a...
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Array of many different colored keycaps
Dress up your mechanical keys in your favorite colors, with a wide selection of stylish DSA key caps. Here is a 10 pack different colored keycaps for your next mechanical keyboard or...
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Angled shot of ten white plastic keycaps.
Get ready to customize your keeb with a 10 pack of two-part plastic keycaps for your next mechanical keyboard or 
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Angled shot of coiled pink and purple USB cable with USB A and USB C connectors.
This cable is not only super-fashionable, with a woven pink and purple Blinka-like pattern, it's also made for USB C for our modernized breakout boards, Feathers, and...
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Black Nylon Screw and Stand-off Set with M2.5 Threads, kit box
Totaling 380 pieces, this M2.5 Screw Set is a must-have for your workstation. You'll have enough screws, nuts, and hex standoffs to fuel your maker...
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