Hardware Screws

Use the following hardware for securing the NeoKey 1x4 PCB to the bottom cover.

  • 8x M2.5 screws - 4mm long
  • 4x M2.5 FF standoffs – 6mm long

Install Hardware

Start by inserting an M2.5 x 4mm screw through the top side of the PCB. Fasten an M2.5 x 6mm standoff to the thread of the screw on the bottom of the PCB.

Repeat process for the remaining mounting holes. Double check the standoffs are installed on the top side of the PCB.

Screws for PCB

Use the remaining M2.5 screws to secure the 1x4 NeoKey to the bottom cover. Place the 1x4 NeoKey over the bottom cover and line up the mounting holes.

The orientation of the 1x4 NeoKey and bottom cover doesn't matter but you should take note. You'll need to ensure the key switches are oriented correctly before installing.

Secure NeoKey

While holding the 1x4 NeoKey in place, insert and fasten an M2.5 x 4mm screw through the mounting holes on the bottom cover.

Repeat process for the remaining mounting holes. Ensure the screws are secure but not over tightened.

Connect QTPY RP2040

Get the STEMMA QT cable and QT Py RP2040 ready to install.

Connect the STEMMA QT cable from the right side of the 1x4 NeoKey.

Connect the STEMMA QT cable to the port on the back of the QT Py RP2040.

Install QT Py RP 2040

The QT Py RP2040 is snap fitted into the built-in holder on the bottom cover. 

Place the QT Py RP2040 into the built-in holder with the USB-C port facing the correct side.

Install Frame

The frame snap fits over the bottom cover. The nubs lock onto the edges of the bottom cover.

Orient the frame with the cutout line up with the USB-C port on the QT Py RP2040.

The opening should be facing above the QT Py with the bridge going across the bottom of the PCB.

Install Top Cover

The top cover is snap fitted over the frame. The edges lock onto the nubs on the frame.

Orient the top cover so the key holes are lined up with key sockets on the 1x4 NeoKey.

Firmly press the top cover onto the frame to snap fit closed.


Install Switches

The 4x Kailh switches (or Cherry MX compatibles) must be lined correctly in order to properly fit onto the 1x4 NeoKey.

Use the slots for the LED on the keys as an indicator for correctly orienting the keys. The slot should be facing the reverse mounted NeoPixel.

Snap fit the switches into the key holes on the top cover with the switches oriented correctly.

Install Keycaps

Install your preferred keycaps by press fitting them onto the stem of the key switches. Firmly press the keycaps down to fully seat them.

USB Connect

Use the cutout on the side of the case to connect a USB-C type cable.

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