Before using the Neo Trinkey for Zoom shortcuts, its recommended to setup your default video and microphone mute settings in Zoom so that they match the code. 

When you're in a meeting, you can tap the top touch pad to mute or unmute your camera. The two NeoPixels directly next to the pad will light up either green or red depending on the state of the camera.

You can tap the bottom touch pad to mute or unmute your microphone. The bottom two NeoPixels will light up either green or red to show you if you're muted or unmuted.

No more having to hear that you're muted by your fellow Zoom meeting participants and no more delay in unmuting by fiddling with your mouse or keyboard.

To exit a meeting, press down on both touch pads at the same time and hold for about one second. Two seconds later, the keyboard shortcut to exit will be sent and you can have a mini celebration with the rainbow cycle animation on the NeoPixels.

If you use a different video conferencing software, you can change the keyboard shortcuts in the code to match. You can also change which touch pad is controlling the mic or webcam. Hopefully this project makes interacting with your virtual meetings easier and fun.


This guide was first published on Apr 27, 2021. It was last updated on May 22, 2024.

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