Code up a simple, HID shortcut device to use during your Zoom calls.

The Neo Trinkey sticks out from your computer's USB port and gives you access to two capacitive touch pads. When you touch the top pad, you can mute or unmute your webcam and when you touch the bottom pad you can mute or unmute your microphone.

The four NeoPixels are a visual cue to let you know the state of your devices. They'll be red if an input is muted and green when they're unmuted.

For certain Zoom calls, the best part is leaving the call. You can leave quickly by pressing and holding down both touch pads for a little over a second to make a smooth exit. Additionally, the NeoPixels display the classic rainbow cycle animation to celebrate.


Close-up of NeoTrinkey PCB inserted into a laptop. The LEDs emit rainbow colors.
It's half USB Key, half Adafruit's Neo Trinkey, the circuit board with a Trinket M0 heart and  four RGB NeoPixels for customizable...
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