In this project, you'll learn how to use your Neo Trinkey and the new Adafruit CircuitPython Ducky library to run a DuckyScript file. DuckyScript is a language that can be used on USB rubber duckies.

Rubber duckies are devices that you can plug into a computer to send a predefined set of keystrokes. They are usually considered hacking tools, and there's no question that if you have physical access to a computer, rubber duckies are an extremely fast and efficient way to do something, but they can also be very useful for running macros to save you time.

This project will turn your Trinkey into one of those rubber duckies. This project can be done with any of the Trinkeys, but I'd personally recommend the Neo Trinkey or the NeoKey Trinkey. This guide will use the Neo Trinkey, but assuming you already have CircuitPython installed, the instructions and code should be exactly the same.

Disclaimer: This project is for fun. Don't hack people unless they say you can.


Close-up of NeoTrinkey PCB inserted into a laptop. The LEDs emit rainbow colors.
It's half USB Key, half Adafruit's Neo Trinkey, the circuit board with a Trinket M0 heart and  four RGB NeoPixels for customizable...
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Video of a person pressing the NeoKey Trinkey which emits rainbow colors.
It's half USB Key, half Adafruit Trinket, half mechanical's NeoKey Trinkey, the circuit board with a Trinket M0 heart, a NeoPixel glow, and...
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