Thread one of the conductive thread tails onto your needle and use it to stitch down one side of your first LED sequin. Make several stitches for good electrical contact, then tie a knot and bury the thread tail back towards the knot.
With the remaining piece of thread (or a new one if the remaining piece is too short), stitch to the other side other side of the LED sequin. Travel with the thread down towards the clasp by burying the needle under the floss and through the center of the paracord.
Stitch around the metal clasp a few times, then tie a knot and bury the thread tail. Repeat the whole sequin-sewing process for the other side! Pay attention to the positive/negatives when sewing the second sequin (refer to the circuit diagram) so you don't sew it on backwards.
Time to test it out! Slide your batteries into their "holders" at the knot criss-crosses. Just hold them in place for now to test if the circuit lights up when you fasten the clasp.
If it does, congrats! All that remains is to stitch the batteries in place with some thread that matches your cord.

If it didn't light up, first check the polarity of everything against the circuit diagram. You can always flip a battery upside down if you stitched the middle connector incorrectly. If your polarity is all good, check to see that your stitches are snug against all components!

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