Start by loosening one side of the knot, and thread your needle with an arm's length piece of conductive thread. Starting along one looped end, insert the needle into the cord and exit at the point where that strand crosses its other end.

Bring the thread to the interior of the knot and begin stitching the two pieces of cord together and building up stitches that will make contact with one side of the battery.
When you have a few stitches built up, tie a knot by catching and pulling the thread though a stitch's loop before it's been tightened.

Then bury the thread tail by stitching it into the cord back the way it came (toward the looped end-- where you exit with the needle doesn't matter so much), then trim the tail.
The knot makes a sandwich for the battery, see how the conductive thread acts like ketchup or mustard in the sandwich? Pull the knot tight again to double check the conductive thread sits where it should.
Loosen the knot again and mark with a pen where the conductive thread touches its crossed-over cord. This is where the next battery contact goes.

Begin with a new thread and stitch from the center of the knot towards this marking.
Make some stitches as before to build up a contact pad, and tighten the knot to check that the two battery contacts line up with one another.
Bring the thread through the center of the paracord knot and over to the other criss-cross. Loosen that side and stitch another contact! Refer back to the circuit diagram if you're unsure where to place it.

If you accidentally mis-wire this section, it's easy to fix later by flipping one of the batteries, so don't worry! Tie a knot and bury the end of this thread back towards the center of the knot, then cut.
The last battery pad comes from the other looped end-- repeat the first step to bring a thread up the cord to the criss-cross, and build up some stitches that will align with its mate. When you're finished you should have a knot with two conductive threads dangling out!

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