The Narrative Clip is an automatic lifelogging camera you clip to your shirt, bag, or anything else.
Plug the device into your computer to charge it up and upload the photos to the Narrative service, which then delivers the photos to the Narrative app (iOS/Android).
What's inside this charming little square? We took apart the Narrative Clip to see what drives its camera and senses the world around it.
On the back of the clip, the black plastic is held securely in place by the metal clip. However it can be pried loose with the edge of a utility knife and delicately twisted away from the main body to reveal the 125mAh lipoly battery.

The metal clip is secured by two small hex screws.
After removing the metal clip, the flexible gasket and circuit board can be delicately removed from the front plastic enclosure, inside of which lives the GPS antenna.

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