This is the finished perfboard. I put it all together on a breadboard first, just to make sure everything worked, then soldered it exactly as it was layed out on the breadboard. Soldering is highly recommended becuase the blaster will get tossed around, and the components will get unplugged if they are in a breadboard.

Perfboard top view
Perfboard bottom view

If you look closely, you will notice that the outside rows of the perboard are missing.  I had to trim them down so it fit nicely on top of the accelerator housing. I also used pins for all of the connectors to the motors and switches. You could also hard-wire them instead of using header pins.

Connector pins

Here it is, attached to the top of the accelerator housing. I used a two screws to attach it to the case, with some foam for shock absorption.  You could easily glue the board to the top as well.

Mounted to the top of the accelerator

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