Not only are you going to need a Nerf gun to disassemble, but you are going to need a bunch of electronic parts, since we are taking the "brains" out of the blaster, and replacing them with a Trinket.


1 x Trinket
Adafruit Trinket 5 Volt
1 x Programming Switch
Mini Panel Mount Switch
2 x Resistor
2.2k Resistor
3 x Resistor
10k Resistor
1 x Darlington Transistor
TIP120 Power Darlington Transistor
2 x Diode
1N4001 Diode
6 x NeoPixels
NeoPixel Mini
1 x Breadboard
Half-size Breadboard


 You will also need some tape, glue, diagonal cutters, soldering equipment, patience, and maybe some padding for the guy who is about to be your target!

I included the Adafruit ID numbers for the parts required. The quantity needed for the project may not exactly match the quantity of parts from Adafruit.  For example, you only need 2 TIP120, but Adafruit sells them in a 3 pack.

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